This ain’t easy at all,
So bravo to you,
You brave and authentic soul,
What courage you show,
To know you are no longer alone,


I know you felt as if you had no air to breathe for quite some time,
A long time to be quite real,
(But) Now you are free to breathe,

Truly I tell you, what courage you show,

Let breathing be a reminder to you of the present time of where you are destined to be,
What a brave soul you are,
Only God knows the tightness you experienced within,
Trying to gasp for air through the suffocations of the experience,

This is not easy to express let alone to have experienced…
As a little child,
Hence, I am truly grateful for you,

Remember, I will always be here as a reminder to your Truth,
To your knowing,
By the simple acts of nodding and acknowledging all you have been through,
Yet, are still going through,

Oh my poor soul,
In the midsts of this e-motional pain,
You don’t ever have to explain to another soul,
It’s up to you and you only,
You only my inner child,

A quilt of words is all you need,
Remember, the strength and power lies in your whispers,
Trust me my child,
Believe me,
You are here, and never alone,
I love you,
The Lord loves you.


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