“It is difficult 
To get the news from poems
Yet {people} die miserably every day
For lack
Of what is found there”
William Carlos Williams

And so it is with our Gatehouse Global Poetry Movement, that here-together, all of us, in this moment, with our words, are illuminating what anyone at one point in their life seeks to experience: Connection, Safe Harbour, Power, Voice, Purpose, Expression of One’s Soul, …

Plato once declared: “There is a revolutionary power of poetic thinking.” And it is in the process of our poetry writing that we generate a revolutionary response to childhood sexual violence. Together with our poems, our voice, our sacred being, we are transforming round the globe, the way cultures will respond to childhood sexual violence. “Unless there is a new mind there cannot be a new line. The old will go on repeating itself with recurring deadliness.” William Carlos Williams

Pablo Neruda once shared: “To feel the love of people whom we love is a fire that feeds our life. But to feel the affection that comes from those whom we do not know, from those unknown to us, who are watching over our sleep, and solitude, over our dangers and our weaknesses---that is something still greater and more beautiful because it widens out the boundaries of our being, and unites all living things, carrying us to {the very heart of our soul}”

So this is what we are doing--sharing our stories through poetry, in ways that invite others to share and in so doing create the space for authentic healing and transformation. And, to remember the old saying the longest journey begins with first step or in this wonderful moment-the longest journey begins with your first word.

Below are six themes that may offer a “prompt” for you to write your poems.

Obstacles to Overcome

Obstacles create the opportunity us to forge our purpose in life. Obstacles require us to engage in the powerful process of PAUSE —Providing Attention Unveils Sacred Experiences—when I pause, really deeply pause, and name my obstacle(s) this is an act of active awareness and this awareness is filled to over-flowing with the opportunity for deep meaningful action letting go of Shame… letting go of Fear… letting go of Guilt… the experience of Aloneness… the experience of Anger… the experience of Addiction(s)… the experience of Self-Sabotage… View Theme

Personal Transformation

What was the journey you went on as you transformed the trauma of abuse into a state of personal transformation? Transformative learning involves experiencing a deep, structural shift in the basic premises of thought, feelings, and actions. It is a shift of consciousness that dramatically and irreversibly alters our way of being in the world. Such a shift involves our understanding of ourselves and our self-locations; our relationships with other humans and with the natural world; our understanding of relations of power in interlocking structures of class, race and gender; our body awarenesses, our visions of alternative approaches to living; and our sense of possibilities for social justice and peace and personal joy. transforming trauma into triumph… what does it take… what belief(s) allowed me to engage in transformative experiences… resilience… learning to breathe… learning to move… learning to trust… View Theme

The Experience of Pain

So much of our trauma revolves around pain: emotional, physical, mental, spiritual—there is a profound feeling of loss, of grief, of what might have been. Pain creates its own blanket that can wrap itself around us until we feel we can’t even breathe or move-we become paralyzed. And when we get to name our pain, through words, we get to breathe again, move again, we are the authors of what we will create from this experience of pain. when the pain was so great I… when triggers transform into insights... when I forgave myself… when I discovered my smile… View Theme

The Power of Connection

Authentic Connection offers us the opportunity to explore and integrate another way of living. Our connections create the space for our unique purpose to unfold. Authentic connection brings meaning into our lives. Authentic connection provides me with identity, purpose, meaning, direction. when someone was there for me… when I was there for someone… bearing witness for others… listening to the stories of others… one day the world will…. being there for someone… View Theme

The Power of Voice

When one experiences childhood sexual abuse they simultaneously have their voice taken away—they are threatened, they are groomed, they are forced into a world that is out of balance and they are forced to find ways to make sense of something that does not make sense, the finding of one’s true voice is nothing short of heroic—it is the culmination of the heroines journey. finding the words to say… my voice… my voice being heard… my voice being believed… controlling the narrative… View Theme

The Voice for Others

When you work on yourself, you are immediately being there for someone else. Your engagement, journey in reclaiming your self, your overcoming trauma, is a work that is truly the “proverbial pebble in the pond” rippling out and aligning with the work of others round the planet being the voice for someone who is no longer alive to write their poem… the person(s) who helped you reclaim your voice… justice is… global voices… social transformation… View Theme

The Gatehouse