Dear Sunset,

Riley Goldstein, Canada

We drift together
2 beings coasting along the horizon of our thoughts.
I feel you caress my lips and bathe my body in sparkles.
Ocean whispers lullaby’s to skies on blue afternoons
when I’m swimming on the shoreline in Paradise, Cabbage, Goodman’s Beach.
My feet sink beneath the comfort of your reach, comforting, gritty, and rough and soft
in spaces I do not expect.
I am happy to see you,
even when you taste like oranges and salt.
I am one being melting into the universe.
I accept you, sunset, sunrise,

meditation among grandmother moon’s loving gentle storm.
Like her, I am shy and when moon beams or sparkles meet my eyes
I show a new aspect of me.
I am a sliver one day, fully blossoming the next.
Human beings are as mystical as weatherscapes.

Author Statement

I have a continuous passion for narrative storytelling using mixed media to showcase my creative talents. I’m naturally inclined towards writing in various forms; poetry, memoir, short fiction, documentaries, and journaling. Find my portfolio here –

Like an alchemist, Goldstein transforms writing and design into creative communication that inspires her viewers. Goldstein publishes work connecting nature to lineage as she paints pictures with her words.


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