Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)

“Affection” was used as a mental shove.
Tricked into belief of a “shared love”
Abusers baited a child’s capacity to trust,
As “sweet” words and lies freely gushed.

Framed as friendship, affection, and care,
Belonging and status used to ensnare.
Intent was disguised - the grooming was planned.
So powerful any child could not understand.

Those first SIGNS OF ABUSE took time to spot,
Until vile infections showed their rot.
Sharp change of character – no “shine” anymore.
Unhealthy behaviours - unknown before.

Secretive actions and moody faces.
Frightened of some situations and places.
Gifts, money, and drugs found hidden away.
Unable or unwilling to explain or say.

Shyness and uncertainty chipped away –
A child’s precious worth eroded each day.
It started online, then in person too.
A child subdued - then told what to do.

Sexualised phrases took over online chats.
“Normalising” explicit words and acts.
“Persuaded” to post explicit themes,
Then share THOSE “pics, films, and streams”.

Next, a child agrees to go and meet,
The exploiter is waiting, acting discreet.
The child is taken and abused some more.
Then passed to others not mentioned before.

Abused by one, then many perpetrators,
Violence, degradation – the evillest natures.
Then simply discarded like trash on the ground,
A near lifeless shell is eventually found.

A traumatised child with bleeds and bruises.
Damaged inside-out as innocence loses.
PLEASE – work together to stop “CSE”
Look for any signs and have empathy.


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