A Lightness of Being

A.L., Canada

When I froze
I went to sleep
Or at least my body did
Not so for my soul

I was shifting into being
I did not see that

I felt something frame itself
Around me
Swallow my voice

What happens when you want to move
wraps 'round you

Still I was shifting
into being

Life uncoiling

lots of years

And then

My voice was heard

I am not alone
I am seen
I reach out
I am embraced


I am here
I am now
In plain sight

I am whole
I am at home
in the sculpture
of my unglazed being

A lightness
shines through
the fissures of my fired body

I smile

Author Statement

The writing of the poem while challenging was a freeing-up experience; a recognition of a spirit that is in every human being. Ones’ spirit is a source of sustenance no matter the hardships one encounters in their journey. And that our scars, fissures, of the physical, or emotional, are tell-tale signs of living life, they are a powerful part that goes into making us whole. On many levels this poem is about overcoming lies that are imposed on those traumatized by childhood sexual abuse.

And the overcoming of lies takes incredible strength and courage, all of which we have deep inside of us and this personal strength has the capacity to create personal transformation, which in turn can lead to social transformation.

“Tell the truth especially when a brilliant lie seems more appropriate.”
Lowell A. Levant, Excerpt from his poem: A poet Drives A Truck


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